ZUMEX Juicers & Multi Juicer - Speed Podium
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    Squeeze and refrigerate Squeeze and refrigerate To offer freshly squeezed natural and cold juice, always Request information

    Squeeze the most out of your supermarket Squeeze the most out of your supermarket Our daily schedules leave us very little time to look after ourselves, to this end, offering a freshly squeezed, quality orange juice at your supermarket is an opportunity made real with the new professional Speed Pro machine range.

    Squeeze and refrigerate! Squeeze and refrigerate! The professional juicer that provides you the best freshly squeezed and refrigerated juice, ready to drink. With adjustable cooling device, 7-litre (1.85 gal.) tank and level detector.

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    Model Speed Pro Podium
    Fruits/min 40 Oranges
    Capacity 20
    Fruit diameter (mm) 65-85
    Weight (KG) 118,1
    Power (W) 280
    Consumption 1,2 A
    Voltage (V) 220-240 ,50-60 Hz