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    Sobouhi Cold industrial

    In collaboration with SECOP (Danfoss Germany "Formerly known as Danfoss Compressors, Secop is only new by way of name in today’s advanced compressor market. In fact, Secop is one of the founding fathers of modern compressor technology with an experience that goes back to the start of the 1950s, when demand increased for something smarter than iceboxes for refrigeration.") intends to hold special sale festival from September 2015 for Distribution agents of Kino. The draw takes place at the end of June-2016 and three of the agents selling the lucky draw to win a trip around Europe and visit the factory Secop prize will be awarded. Is worth noting at the end of each month, subject to the following conditions, draw a card will be sent to you

    Festival Terms & Conditions :

    1. Realization of anticipated sales plan in each month by the representative
    2. No bounced check report
    3. The introduction of referrals each represented by a sales representative for direct delivery of card to them through Sobuouhi Company.
    4. Send subsets address and the corresponding sales invoice of representative for Sobuhi Cold Industrial Company to send cards.
    5. Send receipt card sent by an agent to Sobuhi Cold Industrial Company
    6. Score card is solely for their sales agents and sub-categories
    7. In case of higher sales of Plan, the cards will be awarded 2
    8. Including direct and indirect sales is not in the lottery