NIKNAM Ice Cream Machine - DELARAM
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    • DELARAM Soft Ice Cream Machine Advantages:
    • The machine is equipped with a control pad and digital display, in order to control the machine as well as observing the cylinder temperature and mix conserving tank temperature.
    • The machine contains two separate compressors, one for making ice-cream, the other for mix conserving.
    • Having a five- minute timer in washing position, in order to prevent beater and ice cream outlet from damaging.
    • The machine draws the customers attention due to its new design and elegance appearance.
    • Decrement in electric energy consumption and less deterioration due to new design of refrigeration circuit which also results in a better ice-cream quality.
    • The machine has CE European standard and is manufactured under the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certified by TUV-NORD CERT GmbH.
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    Tank capacity KG 16+16 16+16 16+16
    Compressor Power 1⅟2 HP 1⅟2 HP 1⅟2 HP
    Main Compressor ⅙ HP ⅙ HP 1/8 hp
    Mixing Motor 2 hp 1 ⅟2 HP 1 ⅟2 HP
    Power supply 230V 400V 380V
    Net weight KG 255 247 247
    Ampere(MAX) 21 A 9.5 A 13 A
    Power Usage 3.1 KW 2.7 KW 2.7 KW
    Condenser Air Air Air
    No. of Ice Cream per hour 400 (75gr) 400 (75gr) 400 (75gr)
    Dimension (H×D×W) 850×555×1510 850×555×1510 850×555×1510