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    Counter top dispensers designed to cool and dispense non-carbonated drinks. There are two main lines: - Maestrale Extra P: with a magnetic pump with attractive fountain effect; - Maestrale Extra AA: with a slow stirring paddle with mechanical drive especially designed for drinks that cannot be kept in magnetic pump dispensers because they are delicate. 12 or 20 litre capacity, shockproof, food grade polycarbonate bowls. Models with a gravity tap and/or stirring paddle with magnetic drive (Maestrale Extra A) are available on request.

  • Technical Characteristics

    Model EXTRA 12.2A EXTRA 12.3A
    Transparent removable bowls 2 3
    Capacity of each bowl, approx(L) 12 19
    Net weight, approx (kg) 23 37
    Gross weight, approx (kg) 26 40
    width (cm) 36 54
    depth (cm) 47 47
    height (cm) 57/67 57/67
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