Kino Industrial Cooler | RV21-Sw
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    Vertical refrigerator with dimensions of 220 cm height, 83 cm depth and various cabin length wich have been designed as non- frost and cooling evaporator for fresh foods display and storage in supermarkets. Moveable shelves are made to use the maximum space. Water caused by evaporator defrost is conducted to evaporating dish to increase efficiency. Inside& outside refrigerator cabins made by anti- corrosion galvanized steel sheets with electrostatic powder coating. Polyurethane foam insulation have been used in the structures in other to minimize heat transfer and thus reducing power consumption. Installing lamps in columns provides suitable lighting. Air circulation system that constitute air curtain reduces the cold out when opening. Automatic closing doors& vacuumed doublepartition glass doors containing insulator gas prevents rapid loss of cold. Advanced programmable electrical systems controls the temperature, defrosting time& number, evaporating temperature in defrost.

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    Model RV21-Sw
    Liters (L) 71/1
    Weight (Kg) -
    Consumption (KW.h/24h) 220.50
    Temp (c) 5+ | 0
    Power (W) 1200
    Refrigerant -
    No Racks 5
    Internal Dimension (cm) 166×86×203