BEZZERA Espresso Machine | B2016
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    This model is built following the traditional Bezzera quality concept: stainless steel AISI 304 body, high capacity copper boilers with internal heating exchanger, brewing groups heated by the thermosiphonic system. The B2016 DE version by the meaning of a simple and useful software tried to satisfy the easiest customer needs: energy saving, management control, and time saving. Through a display it is possible to check the machine counter that count all the brewing done by the machine, with the integrated clock is possible to program day by day the machine power on and power off, alarms messages can be set for water softener resin regeneration and technical periodic maintenance.

    B2016 DE

    Works with motor-pump and the groups have electronically regulated solenoid valves. With the electronic dosage you can obtain 4 different doses of coffee with constant quantity and temperature.

    • Electric heating
    • Automatic boiler water supply
    • Automatic stopping of electric resistance in case of lack of water in the boiler
    • In-built pump
    • Equipped with water softener
  • Technical Characteristics

    Model B2016 DE 2GR
    Boiler (L) 11
    Nominal power (W) 3250
    Load connection 3/8
    Drain connection 3/4
    width (cm) 75
    depth (cm) 55
    height (cm) 51.5
    Net weight(kg) 63
    Gross weight (kg) 72
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